We operate Photo Booths which are catered to Children. Our booths are more appropriately sized with the camera positioned at a lower altitude, however well suited for children.The booth itself also is more petite and with more colorful drapery background options.


Additionally, our Photo Booths have the capability to print the copies on stickers ~ and we know how much kids love stickers!

Social Media

With the dawn of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, our Photo Booths will also upload the images taken to a shared party Facebook page or signed with a unique hashtag on the other social media platforms.

Sharing and Copies

For those who don’t have social media, we will provide a link to share with other who wish a copy of the photos. Additionally, we will provide you with a USB key containing all the images as a hard copy for personal safekeeping.

Operators who dress-up

Our attendants are kind and courteous. We handle the drop-off and pickup of the Photo Booths. During the event we will also have an operator on hand. If requested, our operators can dress-up as a prince or princess, or other characters.